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Hey there, looking to kickstart your musical journey? You've come to the right place - Bornam Music School is where your musical dreams take flight! I founded Bornam Music School because I believe that everyone has a little bit of music in their soul, just waiting to be unleashed. Whether you're looking to strum your first chord or headline a stadium tour, we're here to help you get there.

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Fretboard Frenzy

This 12-week Guitar Mastery Program for beginners is designed to help you master essential techniques, improve your playing speed, and build your confidence as a guitarist. With personalized coaching, a comprehensive curriculum, and interactive in-person lessons, Fretboard Frenzy is the perfect way for you to jumpstart your guitar playing journey!

Tips and Resources

Our Musician's Roadmap Blog will provide you with a wealth of resources and information on everything from guitar practice tips and buying guides to the latest trends in music education. Explore the Musician's Roadmap and discover new insights, inspiration, and ideas to help you on your musical journey and help you achieve your musical goals!

Other Lessons

Looking for high-quality singing or drum lessons? We are passionate about helping you develop your skills and reach your musical goals. We can help you build your technique, improve your musicality, and gain confidence in your musical abilities. Contact us today to learn more about our singing and drum lessons and to sign up for your first lesson with us!

Praise and Testimonials

Ron is a very gifted musician. His calm and patient nature makes him easy to work with. 

If you are looking for someone to direct your music, Ron is the guy. He plays multiple instruments and sings too.

Upcoming Musician

My journey into song recording started with Ron as my vocal coach. I knew I needed guidance to step into this new direction that God was leading me into. Being a friend, I shared my aspirations with him. He helped me to mould my inspirations musically through our online classes. He is a very patient, polite and resourceful person. I was always looking forward to our lessons as they were thorough yet exciting. I highly recommend Ron as an instruments teacher as well as vocals. 

Caroline Bright
Musician and Worship Leader

Ron is a great leader. He is one with a keen eye for detail and hard work. He has also been very supportive in terms of caring about my welfare as well as seeking that I continue to reach my potential during a given time through different opportunities among others.


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Meet Ronald

Ronald is a music teacher and worship team trainer who truly believes in the power of music to transform lives. As the founder of Bornam Music School and current Band Director of AFLEWO, Ronald is dedicated to sharing his passion for music with others. With a certification in Web Design and a wealth of IT knowledge, Ronald brings a unique perspective to music teaching, embracing new technologies and approaches to inspire and engage students of all ages. But what truly sets Ronald apart is his unwavering belief in the value of growth, no matter how small.

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